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Christian Peter is a Flores driver and a licensed tour guide offering you to go overland Flores Island, hidden Flores gems completed with exclusive information required about the island of Flores, Indonesia. Don’t worry, he is knowledgeable and savvy about touristic spots he shows to guests. Prove yourself his original portofolio by visit his authentic Come To Flores Fanpage. On his friendly exotic tours since 2008 that include sightseeing historical buildings, sites, hidden gems and locations in Flores island, Christian Peter has proven himself as highly recommended guide driver because he still provides travelers with all the information they should know about Flores Island before they decide to go around the island. However, Christian Peter works independently to serve people come to Flores, Indonesia. “Come to Flores and I will help you to find tips to go, unforgettable trips to get around, affordable overland, nice accommodation for less” , said Christian Peter.

When you come to Flores, Indonesia, Christian Peter also connects you with local cultural attraction industries and magnificient natural attraction and gems in Flores Island. This most of authentic Flores overland tours are performed from a private car, while others are on foot. In the fascinating overland tour, Peter handles friendly guests may vary in age, from teenagers to senior citizens, and country of origin.

Tino Behrends and Doreen Behrends from Germany reviewed ” Dear Christian, many thanks for the great week we had in Flores. We had such incredible moments! You are really one one the best guides in Flores, managed every problem and responded to all of our questions. And you even managed our three kids. Congrats to you! We wish you all the best for future! Next time we are in Flores, we will go with you again. Regards, DoreenRead more. Please be advised to read all about reviews and recommendation from people worldwide about his best reputation.

Decide NOW to come to Flores, Indonesia. Please feel free to discuss with first with Christian Peter by sending your EMAIL to christian.peter43@yahoo.comCALL : +6281353005626 – WHATSAPP : +6281236069646.